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Types of power converter

Date:2016-1-29  Hits:461

A kind of can convert DC12V dc to and the same AC220V ac mains, for the use of general electric, is a convenient vehicle power converter. Car power inverters are widely huan ying in foreign markets. Abroad for car penetration rate is higher, go out to work or travel can use inverters connected battery drives the appliances and tools work. After China's entry into WTO, the domestic market more and more private transport, because of this, car inverter power supply for use in mobile dc ac converter, can bring a lot of convenience to your life, is a kind of permanent automotive supplies automotive electrical fittings. Through the car cigarette lighter output inverter Can be 20 w, 40 w, 80 w, 80 w until 150 w power specifications. Again big some power inverter power supply by connecting the battery. The household appliances connected to the output of the power converter can use them in the car all kinds of electrical appliances like in the home use convenient. Can use electrical appliances include: mobile phones, notebook computers, digital cameras, camera, lighting, electric shavers, CD players, game consoles, handheld computer, printer, electric tools, car refrigerator, and various kinds of travel, camping, emergency medical appliances, etc.


Power is the power part of the electronic equipment, is a strong commonality of electronic products. It in various industries and has been widely used in daily life, its quality greatly affects the reliability of electronic equipment, the conversion efficiency of high and low and load ability strong and the weak direct relation with its range of application. Square wave inverter is a kind of low cost, simple way of transformation, it is suitable for all kinds of rectifier load, but for the transformer load adaptation is not very good, have larger noise.

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