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How should we choose car pow

Date:2016-1-29  Hits:514

1, choose the car power in addition to the price factors, main is to consider car power requirement for the input voltage and the size of the output power, moreover due to a variety of electrical appliances power difference is very big, so to choose the car power, according to the requirements of using principle is enough to give priority to.

2, depending on the type of used electrical appliances need to choose the right car power, for daily interaction with electric appliance choice square wave, fixed wave, sine wave can be used, the perceptual electrical appliances must choose sine wave inverter.


3, square wave/correction wave inverter power supply can't perceptual load and capacitive load, cannot drive air conditioning, ice box, also hard to provide high quality audio TV power supply. Our common to use square wave/correction wave phenomenon: laptop touchpad control mouse, obviously feel the mouse with a delay and jitter; When the electric fan is clearly feel the wind fan noise is larger; In the car listening to the music open square wave/correction wave inverter was obvious noise. Strictly speaking square wave/correction wave inverter power supply will affect the service life of electrical appliances, these problems don't occur when using sine wave inverter.

4, general car cigarette lighter insurance in 10 a or a, 15 (more than 10 a insurance for old cars or imported cars), this means the car can be used in the automotive inverter power supply is 120 w and 180 w. For high power inverter (more than 180 w and 200 w) is a need to have a look at whether there is the battery clip inside the packaging line, no battery terminal line of high-power inverter used on cars will be limited.


5, general car power on the cigarette lighter side can have insurance, must need to open a check to see the insurance when buying insurance is not match with car cigarette lighter (in theory to be less than or equal to the cigarette lighter insurance), so that the cigarette lighter insurance can play a role, instead will make the insurance burned car cigarette lighter, will cause unnecessary trouble