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What is the car power

Date:2016-1-29  Hits:506

Vehicle power supply and power inverter, is a kind of can convert DC12V dc to and mains phase with AC220V alternating current (ac), for the use of general electric, is a convenient power supply converter, named because of the commonly used in automobile. Car power generally use car battery or a cigarette lighter power supply, to such a low voltage dc power conversion is about 265 v dc; Then the real transformation stage, it will hv dc into 220 v, 50 hz alternating current (ac). With car power, you can move the home all the small home appliance to the car use, such as mobile phone, laptop, digital camera, car refrigerator, cameras, DVD, etc., which makes people have a feeling of place oneself in the home in the car. Since it came out, the limitations of using in the car will cease to exist, to make people really enjoy "walk with the house, and the world are interlinked" feeling.

Car power is not only suitable for vehicle system, as long as there is DC12V dc power supply, can use the power inverter, converts DC12V AC220V alternating current (ac), bring convenience to people's life. Car power full consideration to the use of external environment, when overload or short circuit phenomenon happened, turn off the automatic protection. Car power output voltage feedback that can make the voltage stability by itself, no-load and rated voltage change less than 10 v. To be sure, is the purpose of the car power output is the same as the mains voltage, meet the needs of the electric appliances, but in fact, car power output is to simulate sine wave, and the utility is a true sine wave, the two slightly different, generally does not affect the use, this is the working principle of car power.

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